Thursday, October 13, 2011

9 months!

This is the exact amount of time it took me to grow this child in my body. And this 9 months has gone by so, SO much faster than the other 9. The other 9 was me, anticipating this 9.

Oh, this baby. I try to take a lesson in Joy from him all the time. This sweet baby almost always has a smile (like above) plastered on his precious face. How can I, too, not forget my troubles and worries and just smile when I see this? It reminds me to rest in the Peace of the Lord. He is my reminder of love, joy, peace, patience... Children are such blessings... how can anyone argue that? 

Ok, people. I tried really, really hard to take this month's Tonka picture. What I got were Cohen's attempts at escaping the frame. This first picture is the winner!

I love this, because it also shows where he's at developmentally! Pulling up and cruising along furniture!!

He never once sat by the truck for our traditional picture. :(

Always standing these days!

Goofy grin

If he notices the camera, he likes to come attack it!

Growth: Our boy is pretty big. :) But he's spot on, on the growth charts. He weighs 20 pounds 15.5 ounces (50th%). He is 29 3/4 inches tall (75th%). (That's 2'5.75"!) And his head circumference is 17.5 inches (25th%). He is wearing size 12-18 months in most things. Occasionally, I can fit him into 6-12. And things marked "9 months" (rare sizing) usually fit him. Pants have to be 12 month+, to accommodate his bum. :) But we don't mind. 

Sleep: Cohen is doing pretty good in this department. He generally goes to bed at 9pm and wakes between 7:30-8:30 (or 9-10 when I'm not there...fishy, I know..). He no longer gets a bottle at night (Praise the Lord!). He wakes sometimes a few hours after he goes down, and needs his paci. But sometimes, he will fuss for a second, like he wants his paci, and will roll over and go back to sleep!! On a perfect day, he takes two naps, still. He naps for 1-2 hours about two hours after he wakes in the morning. Then he'll usually lay down again around 3 pm for an hour or so. If his morning nap was shorter, the afternoon nap will be longer, and vice versa. 

Eating: He is still on infant formula. He gets 24-30 ounces a day. It is steadily decreasing as he is eating more solids. He holds his own bottle now, it's uber cute. Today, and I didn't take pictures, I made him a broccoli, cauliflower, pea and carrot puree with a cheese sauce (that I made!). And he liked it! He's never had peas! Or cauliflower. I'm glad he liked it. And I'm glad I know how to make a cheese sauce now! I also made a new fruit puree for him: mango and apple! This tasted yum-my. :) So, yesterday, we were at Burger King while waiting on another errand we were running, and Cohen was eye balling my chicken fries and french fries. I thought... he's 9 months old... eh, why not? So, I broke off a tiny piece of french fry, dusted and blew off all the salt I could, and let him pick it up and eat it. He made a face at first, but definitely wanted more! haha, a child after my own heart. I'm sure that, total, he only had one french fry, but it seemed like a lot. I also let him have little bites of chicken fry. Loved it. :)

Development: He is a champion crawler now. VERY fast. Especially if he's into something he knows he shouldn't be and is running from us. He's been crawling for 2 months now! Crazy! He pulls up on furniture and "cruises" along furniture now. He likes to walk while holding our hands, as long as he can stop occasionally to "dance, dance, dance" or "jumpy, jumpy." He likes to sit on his knees. Which I think is about the cutest position a baby can be in. Ever. He gives kisses all the time, sometimes without us prompting him! He likes the repeating sound game. He'll say, "Oooohh" and daddy will say, "Oooohh" then he'll say (louder) "Gaahhh" and daddy will say "Gaaahh" and so on and so forth. It can go on for quite some time. :) He says "dada", but no "mama". :( When he's upset, he babbles with the "b" sound and high pitched. It's cute, it's hard to remember that he's upset. We play "Pat-a-cake" and we're working on waving bye-bye and giving "high-five". Maybe by next month. :) He seems to be learning something new everyday. Such precious times.

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