Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Adventures in baby food making: Carrots!

A while back, I decided to make Cohen's baby food. Might be crazy, might not. I do have 4 days off in a row, I think I can squeeze that in. We were waiting for 6 months of age to introduce vegetables and fruits for sure, not necessarily this late. But, hey. It is what it is.

So. Yesterday, 12 days after his 6 month birthday, we gave him carrots. Pureed, of course. I've been reading Annabel Karmel's books on baby food making, so that's where my recipes are coming from.

I bought organic carrots. Now, I'm not a huge organic buff for myself or Hector.. but for Cohen, I just might be. It is a little frightening when you think of what all the hormones in our foods could be causing. I mean, young girls are starting menstruation and getting breasts as early as age 8 now! More and more women are having fertility issues. Who's to say these things aren't caused by all the hormones pumped into cattle, chickens, pigs, plants, etc.? Anyways, if I can try to avoid any possible hormonal issues in Cohen, then I will. And buying mostly organic for him is a great way.

So, I took about 8 medium carrots and peeled them and cut them into about 1 inch pieces. I put them into my Pampered Chef microwave steamer and put in just enough water to cover them. I think I ended up cooking them for about 15 minutes. I just made sure a fork inserted went in and came out easily. After they were done steaming, I put them into the food processor. I also added the water from the steamer in with the carrots (it wasn't a ton, that would've made the carrots to runny) because that's where the cooked out nutrients are! When possible, always reuse the cooking water, even if you boiled the veggies. I simply pressed PUREE for a minute or so and they were perfect!

Doesn't look like much, but it was a great serving for my guy!

And leftovers into the little containers for freezing!

Ok, so. Dinnertime.
before carrots:

during carrots:

I think he likes them:

oooo... not so sure:

likes again!

yea, definitely likes!

oh, Hey Daddy!

"I thought I was done!!!"

after carrots:

Confession: I always thought, "I'll keep my baby's face clean when he's eating... I don't know how people let their kids get their food all over their faces." Picture me laughing now. It is impossible to keep their little faces, hands, hair, bib, clothes or highchair clean. Impossible, I tell ya. And yes, that lock of hair that's over his right eyebrow is pasted there with yummy pureed carrots.

What did we do afterwards? You guessed it!


Cohen graduated from his baby tub to the big bathtub! He was really tired and strictly business, no playing. 

So, attempt #1 at homemade baby food was a smashing success. It only took about half an hour total. And those 8 carrots made 8 servings! We also had some Gerber organic baby food carrots that we got out to compare. Theirs was runny and really sweet. Not necessarily two good attributes. We don't make his rice or oatmeal runny, so we don't want to regress with his veggies. And yes, we both tried the carrots I made. I don't want him to eat anything his daddy or I wouldn't eat. (and I specifically mention his daddy, because he tends to eat many more varying foods than me!)

I gave him carrots again for dinner tonight and he was a little less enthusiastic, but ate the whole bowl anyway. My mom is pretty sure he's going to be a foodie--eating everything. :)

Check back soon, apples tomorrow!


  1. I CAN NOT WAIT TO SEE HIM TOMORROW. Oh... and you too of course!!! I'm bringing my camera to have pics of my own to take way down under and post up of you both! :)

  2. Aww, look at him sitting up in the tub!! I started Kade with bananas then moved to carrots and now we have done pumpkin and brown rice that his sweet Nana ground for him in her grain mill. Sounds like you have a great recipe book. Here is a great site I've been using.

    We need to get the boys together soon and visit!! Your a great mom Emily!! Love love love your blog!!

  3. You are an amazing mom, Emily!

  4. How exciting! I plan to make Eli's baby food too. I am glad you had no trouble. I completely agree with you on the organic food. Hope to see you soon!

  5. Danielle Richter-AbdullahAugust 4, 2011 at 11:21 PM

    I love how he's wearing a tie to dinner! He's such a classy gentleman!


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