Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Adventures in baby food making: Apples!

Today was day 3 in the veggie/fruit endeavor.


I took six Red Delicious apples.

sliced and cored them:

and peeled them and put them in a stock pot:
is there a better way to peel them besides cutting off the skin with a knife? pretty sure I lost about 1/4 of the apples. and, can I keep them from browning? is lime juice the only option? :-/

I covered them with water and cooked them on med-high for about 20-25 minutes, or until soft.

put them in the food processor and PUREED them:
I added a few spoons full of the apple water for nutrients and to help liquefy the apples.

Spooned into the little containers!

Tasted like Mott's! Minus the sugar, of course. Which is good, in Coco's case.

So. I just knew Cohen would love apples! Who doesn't? They tasted naturally sweet.

Excited for whatever's in that bowl...

my little ham :) (He was flirting with the photographer, Miss Ashley!)

Wait a minute...

More, mommy???

Not. a. fan.

siiiggghhhhh.... I suppose we'll try again in a day or two. I'm thinking it was a texture thing. There was still a little crunch, even though it was pureed. I really thought apples would be a hit!?! The poor baby, he would eagerly take a bite each time (I guess he kept forgetting what was in that bowl..) and then he would thrust it out with his tongue, gag a little and do a full body shudder. Each time. I felt sorry for the boy. :( Anybody else have these issues with apples?

Coming soon: Creamy Pear!

And guess who came to see us today?? 


We just Love Lea! She's the YWAM missionary I told you guys about a few days ago. She's moving in a month or so to live full time in Australia for mission work. She was on her way to pick up a friend at the airport and she stopped and graced us with her presence! 

Then, after noon (also when I gave Coco the apples) our friend Ashley and Sallie and Maggie came over to swim! Our first time in the new pool and we loved it! It has a 6 inch area for Cohen to play in! So excited about our new pool, right behind our building! Oh, and Maggie kept kissing Cohen!! it was SO cute!

Cohen's uncle Josh is coming over to watch him while we go to our community group time. Coco loves his uncle Josh, I know they'll have fun!


  1. I had similar issues when I tried homemade food for Grace. When I told my pediatrician, she suggested to at least start with actual baby food because 'they kind of have the whole baby good making thing into a science'.....and then maybe add in the homemade stuff later when she was used to eating. Anyway- not telling you all of this to be discouraging and not trying to tell you to stop making baby food.....just telling you I had the same experience. And I agree- I think it is a texture thing too. So I reluctantly bought regular baby food and she's been a healthy eater ever since. On a side note....there are many other people who make their own baby food and it works for keep trying!! It could have just been the apples!

  2. So as far as apples went, I cut them into fourths, cut out the core on each fourth, and then steamed them like that. After a (long) steaming time, let them cool a bit and then the peels just pull right off. It saves ALOT more of the apple and is much faster. Go ahead and add a little bit extra steamed water and make them thinner, applesauce is always thin. I usually added a bit of cinnamon to cut the apple tartness. However, apples was one of those that I ended up working out was cheaper and much easier to buy. I bought a HUGE container of all natural, sugar-free applesauce (just pick one that has only apples and critic acid) and used that. Pretty much everything else was cheaper/easier to make, but apples (and the rate we went through it) were not. Hope that helps! :)

  3. Here is a site that has some good info on baby food making. She has some good hints that I'll go back to if we have another. Look on her sidebar for the section on baby food making,

  4. first of all- you should know that I have no experience with baby food. Sorry... I mean- I can tell you that I did use to eat it at one point, and I am sure that I loved apples. :)
    On the other hand- it was GREAT seeing you and Cohen! I just keep looking at those pictures and am practically dying to hold him again!!!
    Can't wait to come see you, Miss you heaps!


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