Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

We celebrated Valentine's day yesterday.. It's not usually a big day for us. But this year, Hector got me some sweet gifts. :) He found my two favorite Moscato wines. He also gave me some amazing truffles (I've been wanting some since I've been seeing Ina making them on Barefoot Contessa) and some chocolate drizzled caramel popcorn. And some Glee and a beautiful photo board. Can't wait to put some pictures of my little love bug on there!

And, it was, of course, Cohen's first Valentine's Day.. He got a sweet Valentine from Granna and Pop!

How sweet is he? :)

I also wanted to start taking a picture of Cohen every month by the same object to show how much he grows. We decided on his Tonka truck!
He did so good! Holding up that head! (He's leaning against his crib..) :)

We had club last night (for Young Life) and it was Club of Love night. Cohen was a good boy all night. Daddy played drums for the music and of course, helped facilitate all the games. I love watching him in action! :) 

Something we've noticed about Cohen lately that concerns us a tiny bit... He seems to drool a lot. Moms out there.. is that normal for a 1month old? He sticks his tongue out pretty often and I wonder if that has to do with the drooling? Maybe I'm just over thinking it.. I hope so. :-\

I am SO happy that for the next 4 days, we only have two things to do. And they're both in one evening. So that means three glorious days of just us. :) 

More later. :) 


  1. drooling alot is really really normal at that age... but it also can be a sign of teething, so look for red/swollen gums, he might be an early teether!

    He's adorable!

  2. Love the tonka truck! lol hes too cute!


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