Monday, February 28, 2011

Baby love :)

Thirteen days since my last post and we've been busy busy busy! And this baby has changed soooo much!

Let's see.. we went to a baby shower for a friend from work, Louisa (who has since given birth to beautiful, 9 pound Chloe!) and we got a picture with Miss McKensley, my friend Sara's baby girl (from work).
She's about 5 weeks older than Cohen (yet, he's close in size!).
She's precious!

We had a great day with family, back on the 19th. We got together with all of my aunts, uncles, cousins and of course Mom, Dad and Josh in Rockwall at John and Jerusha's house. It was so nice to see family, and for them to meet and play with Cohen Alexander. :) We put together a little baby shower for my sweet cousin Jordan, because Alysse is (now) less than 10 days from arriving!!! I cannot explain how excited I am for her to get here! As weird as it is, I find myself a little jealous of my friends having their babies now. (I know.. WHAT??!?) :) I think it's because it goes by SO quickly! You wait a full 9 months for these little ones to come and then it's over in a matter of hours! Then they grow like weeds! I mean, Cohen is still a newborn for sure.. still figuring it all out, but I already miss his sweet first week. I miss being pregnant, feeling him move on the inside. I love to watch his crazy little legs kicking madly all the time and think, "those were the little feet that kicked me for 5 months!" Ahhhh....I digress.
 Jerusha got her complete spa days! What a great gift for a Mom-to-be!
 Sweet clothes for Baby Alysse!
I went with items I knew I had needed..breast pads and pumping accessories!

She got a ton of stuff for the nursery too! Little Alysse will have a perfect princess room to fall asleep in now! Also, notice how GREAT Jordan looks?? She's practically 9 months pregnant here and looks about as big as I did when I was 7 months! Maybe Alysse can wear Newborn clothes and diapers longer than my "little" Cohen was able to... :)

A few days later, Hector, Cohen and I loaded up and headed to Paris to see Granna and Pop! A much needed trip.. My mom likes to spoil us and keep the baby downstairs to let Hector and me get a nice 7-8 hour stretch of sleep at night! Ahhhhh.....I miss it already! ;) We got to visit with Great Grandma Ivy, the sweet friends from Mt. Olive and most important to us - quiet Granna and Pop time at their house! We love going there!!
Learning to talk!

Sweet face right there!

He sure does love her!

Cohen Alexander - growing so fast!

Playing with Great Grandma Ivy!

This past weekend was Oscar weekend! Also becoming known as "Friendship Weekend." All of us from TWU got together and hung out on Saturday, then again on Sunday for the Oscar's! I had my camera for all of these get-togethers, but only got it out, briefly, twice. :( We got together for brunch on Saturday, played Catch-Phrase (always a fun game!!), then went to Lewisville for Mindy's birthday party! Cue my first camera appearance:
And surprise...It's Hector and me!
Here we go! Max, me, Natty and Ry! Waiting for burgers on the grill!

We had to go home, but once there, we got some sweet pictures of our baby :)
 Look how big he is!! He likes to stand up now!
 He is changing so much each day!

The next day, after church and naps, we went to Natty and Ry's house for the 4th Annual Oscar Party! It was a fantastic feast and a wonderful time had with friends! Our little man got all dressed up:
 In his Tuxedo onesie (Thanks Jes!)
Trying to get our sweet boy to sleep, but there was too much going on :(

And here are some randoms from today. :) Enjoy!
Trying to sneak a nap during tummy time! ;)

Trying harder during tummy time

Starting to grasp things in his hands! (his pj's in this photo example)

Learning to push off.. He starts with his knees bent like this ^

And kicks off!! Like this! ^

Hector had Young Life tonight, and we have been so busy, so I decided to keep the baby at home for a quiet night in. 

Two things we are loving right now?
Dinner.. ha ha, no, this bottle!

These breastflow bottles! They're great and Cohen likes them! The flow is slower, more like nursing. We love!

And my dinner... Chicken Tetrazini from Holy Ravioli! YUMM!

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