Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Well, here we go!!

Hector and I had our 39 week, 4 day check up today..or should I say yesterday? It was Tuesday.

After another nearly sleepless night last night, I was having the horrible pain again in my right upper quadrant (sorry, that is the easiest way to describe where the pain is located..). The medicine she gave me last week helps, but this morning it was NOT. So, the drive to the doctor's office was unbearable. They got me right in, like usual. I weighed a grand total of 166 pounds, making my total weight gain 26 pounds, I believe. Blood pressure holding steady at 110/80. So far, so good. Then my doctor walks in. She takes one look at my face and says, "You look awful." :( Am I that transparent? I said, "Well, I feel awful." {"Well, you look it..."  "Well, I feel it Momma...!" Hope Floats, anyone?} She asked about the pain and I admitted to her that it was the worst it's ever been today. She said, "I wanted to talk about an induction for you." Answered prayer! I replied, "I wanted to talk to you about an induction!" She explained that the gall stone pain would only get worse the longer we let Cohen hang out in there. And she's even further convinced that it really is gall stones since the medicine she prescribed was helping. So, she listened to Cohen's heartbeat--still normal and good. She tried to feel him from the outside just to estimate his weight.. Get this, she couldn't even feel him because I was having a huge contraction! It went on like this for about 30 seconds. Then she felt him after the uterus relaxed and guessed he'd be 7.5-8 pounds. Then she checked my cervix: 2cm dilated, 75% effaced and he's at -1 station. Early labor, she tells me. (!!!!) Why do I not pick up on these things?? She told me she would just have me come back that night to start the induction, but that L&D was solid full. So she left the room and made a call, and came back and said, "Wednesday night at 7pm." {picture me thrilled!} They re-drew my blood to check the same labs we've been concerned about. And we were done.

So, leaving the office, we felt so surreal! We're having a baby in the next day or two! The worst (ok, maybe not the worst..) part of pregnancy has been not knowing when he'll come. I'm sure some people thrive on this 'not-knowing,' but I do NOT. I like to have a plan.

We started calling and texting friends and family to let them know our update... Everyone is so excited! Jackie and Patrick of our foundation group decided to have a last-minute, see-the-belly-one-final-time dinner for us at their house. They are amazing! They picked up a variety of foods from Chili's and we all just hung out. This was great for me because I was able to see the girls, some of whom I haven't seen since December 4th! We got to chat, talk about fears, gush with excitement and anticipate Cohen's arrival. It was great. The boys played ping pong and darts.
Patrick made a "Happy Birthday Cohen" banner :)
Also, I don't like this picture much, I. look. like. a. whale.

Ok, this one, I love!

There's a running joke in our group that whoever visits us last in the hospital will probably wind up pregnant next, or already is. All because last April, Hector and I were the last to visit Tyler and Sallie in the hospital when Maggie was born, and we were technically already pregnant when she was born. So, they'll all be racing to the hospital on Thursday to escape the curse blessing. ;) But I know a couple of these ladies who wouldn't really mind if it was them!

After the dinner wound down, we came on home. And I laid on the couch for just a second, and somehow slept for an hour and a half! So I woke up at 11:30 pm and was renewed! I cleaned the stove and microwave and counters in the kitchen, helped Hector with our mounds of dishes, washed/dried/changed our sheets, repacked my hospital bag, started more laundry, went through Cohen's bag one last time... I understand what they mean about the burst of energy you get at the end! And Hallelujah, It's the END!! I hope I'm able to sleep tonight when I lay down..eventually.. It's already nearly 2 am! My friend Natalie suggested I get in one more blog before my sweetheart arrives. Thanks for the motivation, Natty!

And I have NO idea what we'll do all day tomorrow! Unless my water breaks sometime during the day or contractions get hard and fast, I guess we'll stay busy, loading the car, last showers, maybe bake some cookies to take with us? Our last day as a family of two. Bittersweet.. but mostly sweet. :)


  1. Eeeeek! I'm so excited! Can't. Wait to see him! Will be praying and thinking of you!

  2. You didn't use the pic with me in the back! ...probably a good decision :)


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