Friday, December 6, 2013

A little Christmas and our Elf arrived!

On the Saturday after Thanksgiving, we put up our tree!! It's a new tree, we bought it on sale after Christmas, last year.

Cohen was so tired, so he put the first ornament on and then went to bed.

Like I said.. tired and done. :)

It was his "Baby's First Christmas 2011" ornament! So sweet. 

Liam snoozed during the decorating. :)

Placing my kitty cat ornament. Looks like Napoleon :'(

My favorite Anthro ornament, on sale after last Christmas!

Hector placing the Tree-topper Angel!

Our nativity!

Coco's snow globe. He carries this thing all around the apartment.

Had to get an advent calendar to show Cohen when Santa was coming, and where we are currently. Maybe next year we'll actually put activities in the pockets! (too tired this year.)

Then, a couple days later, our Elf on the Shelf came! And brought a North Pole Breakfast for Cohen!

Sugar, sugar, sugar! 

Brother got festive for the occasion!

Sleepyhead! But he was surprised and so excited!

His faves were the marshmallows!

Cohen had a little trouble naming him.. First he said Tow Mater (after I suggested Lightning, Piston.. and something else). Well, I didn't want a month of working with "Tow Mater", since we watch the movie and play cars all day long. So we settled on "Chummy." Which is his word for marshmallows (Thanks, The Lorax..) :) But today, he's been calling Elf "Snoopy". No idea where that came from. But I asked him what Elf's name is and he clearly said, "Snoopy." So, I guess we're changing it. Oh well. 

Fitting for this breakfast!

Cohen's selections. :) He was just thrilled to eat all these sweets at breakfast!

And "Snoopy" has not been too creative yet in his hiding spots. He was riding a Lightning McQueen ornament one morning, sitting on top of the tv another morning, and today.. He was zip-lining from the book case to the Christmas tree. Cohen liked this one. We'll see if he gets into any shenanigans. :)

LOVE this time of year!

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