Monday, August 5, 2013

almost 27 Week Update!

We are 27 weeks this Thursday! I just really wanted to share the name, so I did my board early! :)

William Emile Miranda

And shortened, it won't be Willy (though I have a great cousin named Willie!)... or Bill.. :) It will be Liam. 

We're just thrilled with his name, it took us a long time. But we felt immediate peace and relief when we said, "this is it."

How big is baby? the size of large cucumber! What to Expect app says baby weighs 2.2 pounds and is about 15 inches from head to feet.
Weight gain/loss: about 17 pounds gained
Sleep: Sleep is a tiny bit better. I feel slightly less tired these days. But I still nap if I can. And I wake up so many times a night. Usually to go to the restroom, even if it's very little pee. :( Gets old. 
Movement: He is moving lots! We see it from the outside now. And I feel those big moves, like rolls and flips. It is pure joy for me.
Symptoms: Backaches when I don't rest enough or drink water. Reflux, reflux, reflux. Now, I'm taking Zantac for the reflux. If it doesn't help enough, Dr. R will order Nexium for me. :) Other than the gross reflux, I feel pretty great right now.
Belly Button: Innie still! (with Coco, it never popped out!)
Food Cravings: Sweets! Mannnn, do I have a sweet tooth! Cookies and milk, cupcakes, s'mores.. Bring it on!
Gender: It's a BOY! William Emile Miranda, "Liam"
What I miss? Sleeping on tummy (or good, at all)
What I'm looking forward to? Some cooler weather.. We're a long way from that, aren't we? :-/
Big brother: Is a crazy kid! He still denies that he's getting a baby brother. He is talking so much. We can pretty much say anything to him and he gets it and can talk back with us. It's so great. He loves playing with his cars and trains right now. He'd love to go outside all the time, but it's 100+ degrees right now.
Dr. Appointment notes: July 25th (our 4th wedding anniversary!) we went in for my glucose tolerance test. I'm a little upset about it, because the "failure" threshold was >140, and my result was 132, after fasting for 12+ hours. I feel that's a little high, but they didn't care and said not to worry. With Cohen my result had been 105. I guess I just watch the sweet tooth and not worry? Ugghh. I'm just upset they didn't want to recheck or anything. 

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