Sunday, November 4, 2012

A Little Man's Mustache Bash Baby Shower {part 2}

So, in the previous post you saw how we decorated and pulled off the 'Stache Bash. This is all the guests (our precious friends) enjoying the party.

The Hostesses! (me, Ashley and Sallie)

Miss Maggie Moo!

See how fun???! This is Patrick, Daddy-to-be!

Jackie's sweet Momma, Stacey! She and her hubby came all the way from Austin for this shower!

Soon-to-be-mama, Jackie!

Patrick again, with all his props!

Me with Patrick and Tyler. :)

Jackie and her parents!

Me with the guest of honor!

Almost got our whole group together for a throwback picture!

Though he thought it was a little creepy, Mr. Cole sure liked his mustaches.. no? ;)

Our sweet out-of-towners, Brittany and Preston!!!

Brittany offered up a fun announcement.. She's 10 weeks pregnant!! Yaaay! 

Our game of the party. Draw a baby, on top of your head, with a mustache. Jackie gets to pick the winner. 


Going through the hopefuls...

Cory wins! It's hard to see, but there is a round shape (head) with a crooked shape (mustache) drawn there. :) Congrats Cory!

Me and Britt!

The ladies! Sallie, Maggie, Ashley, Jackie, Brittany and me! I'm the only non-prego lady here... besides Mags, but she's a baby. :)

Goofy parents! :)

They played right along! Thanks for coming Stacey and Dale!

Add in Patrick's awesome Mom, Leslie!

Cory and Ash

Tyler and Sallie!

My loves! Hector and Coco! :{)

"Stink Bomb", "Your turn, PK", "OH CRAP"

"", "50% chance of showers!!", "Be sure to cover!"

"", "#lilmustache12", "Insert poop here"

How sweet are they? What a fun shower! We can't wait for this little guy to get here in January. He's got some wonderful parents standing by out here. 

Did you miss the party planning details? Find them here!

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