Monday, November 1, 2010

28 weeks

So, I forgot to put our 28 week update/belly photos up... after I specifically told you I would. Here you are:

Again.. I always feel like these pictures make me look just a little bigger than I really am... People say, no.. you really have a little baby in there..

Anyways.. We  had our appointment last Wednesday. All is well.. Cohen's heart rate was about 140 beats per minute. My belly measured exactly 28 cm (from top to bottom of my uterus), which is right where it should be. After 20 weeks, the size of your belly goes hand in hand with the gestational age of the baby. (28 weeks : 28 cm) Pretty cool, huh? Blood pressure still good, hanging out at 110/70. And since last month I've gained 2 pounds and since the beginning I've gained 13, I believe. I was so scared I'd balloon up and be the "Oh, it's fine!!!! I'm eating for TWO!!" girl. I have not been! Mainly because my stomach is squished up by now and won't comfortably hold a lot of food. And I know that lots of food can equal BIG baby. I want a healthy baby, not a huge one.

So anyways, we asked our questions... I got my Rhogam shot and we were outta there. Always good to hear that Baby Cohen is doing well. We'll get a sonogram in about 7 weeks. He'll be so much bigger by then!

He moves all the time! He's really awake at night, since I work at night. Bumping around in there, doing flips and high-fiving daddy. We were watching TV the other night and I just sat the remote on my belly for a second and just happened to notice it was jerking.. Cohen was kicking right where the remote was sitting! And now he'll make his way up underneath my right ribs... and stay there. And it is uncomfortable at times! I have to push him down. But, we've found that when we can feel prominent body parts, he's usually right there.... in that same area, under the right rib cage. :) And when he goes nuts inside, we can't help but smile and laugh to ourselves.. We can't wait to meet this little guy who's been kicking and rolling for all these weeks.

We are in love. :)

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