Friday, October 8, 2010

Small surprises!

It's been a really nice two nights off. Like, reallllly nice and relaxing.

Wednesday evening we had our group night at Tyler and Lisa's house. It's getting... interesting! :)

Then Thursday began with us waking early and walking to Starbuck's where I feasted on a Chai tea latte and an over sized rice krispie treat... my guilty pleasure. We then walked through Barnes & Noble and a few other shops before coming back home. And relax, we did. We watched House Hunters, The Blind Side and other various shows. There was lots of watching/feeling Cohen stretching and kickboxing. Man, we love this kid. We talked about how we can. not. wait. to meet him. We made pizza and watched Couples Retreat, which, sadly, was a pretty sorry movie. Not funny and pretty slowww.

Then we decided to play dominoes! Which we've never done. We got a set of double twelve dominoes as a wedding gift, and for some reason have just never even opened.
Yes, Hector won.. And he made sure to get my leftover ten dominoes into the picture (there in the bottom left)..

I think we'll probably rematch soon. :)

Why call this small surprises? Because Hector likes to surprise me occasionally and he did something cute this week. You know how they make those rice krispie treats from Kellogg's with the space to write a little note on them? Sweet Hector bought some of those and snuck them into my lunches on Monday and Tuesday. I didn't know we had them. :)

Monday night's treat..

Tuesday :)

Ahhhh.. I really love him. <3

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