Monday, May 31, 2010

We spilled the beans!

This weekend we went to Paris, Tx to tell my parents our news. We were very nervous that they'd be upset by the timing. We racked our brains for a cutesy way to tell them, since we had wanted to give them a "Grandparents" frame with the first sono picture, but ended up not getting a sono. So, we found a onesie that said, "That's it! I'm going to Grandma's!!!" at buybuybaby. And then I wrote them letters. I wrapped this all up in a very cute gift and we took it with us.

We got to Paris at about 7:45 p.m. and Mom and Dad were ready to eat -- awkward timing. So dad made his armadillo eggs on the grill and then put all the chicken on. While the chicken was beginning, I told them we'd gotten them a gift, that it was on the coffee table. Mom told him to go get it (we were on the back patio) and I said, "NO! You go with him! It's special! Open it inside." They reluctantly and timidly walked into the house. While they were inside, Hector prayed for us, our baby and their reaction. Then we heard the door creak... I closed my eyes... I turned to face them...

Mom had tears in her eyes and a smile on her face. Dad was grinning. He said, "You didn't have to be so dramatic... we're happy for you!" Mom sat next to me and said, "I'm nervous, but so excited!" We hugged and began talking about the baby. Mom started texting her friends roughly 10 minutes after finding out. Typical proud Grandma, I think. :) It went so well, we're so happy to be able to share this with them now! It's not a secret anymore!

Here is a list of people who found out this weekend:
Josh (my brother--he's so excited!!)
Ivy (my Grandmother--very enthusiastic!)
Mom's sisters (Myra, Faye and Peggy)
My cousin Jordan
friends Mallory Holladay, Deanna Jackson, Lea Emerson
my wedding photographer friend Tara Swain
Everyone at Mt. Olive Baptist, thanks to my Dad's proud announcement
my friend Jessie Smith :)
five of my wonderful TWU friends, Natalie and Ry, Jaclyn, Jessamyn and Max

Telling each person was a separate and unique experience. It was so fun to see their reactions.

We're thrilled. The excitement is really setting in. We go for our Sonogram at 7 weeks, 6 days this Thursday morning. Aaaghhh!!! We can't wait!

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  1. I teared up reading the part about how your parents found out. Me, B AND Briley are so happy for you both. :D


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