Sunday, November 4, 2012

A Little Man's Mustache Bash Baby Shower {part 1}

I had the honor of helping host my sweet friend, Jackie's, baby shower today! I've been dying to share this party on here, but didn't want to spoil anything for her.

We've known since like... 12-13 weeks that Jackie and Patrick were having a boy. And she's 30 weeks now! So, I pretty much immediately wanted to do the 'Stache Bash' baby shower. It's ultra trendy right now.. if you Google "Baby Boy Showers" it'll probably be in the top 5. And so it was, we started planning for a Mustache Bash. I picked yellow and gray as our colors. (also trendy right now...sorry!)

I think I'll just start with pictures and explain as I go. Enjoy and please ask questions if I leave anything out!

 I saw printables like this all over the internet, but none for free... so, I made my own! And flowers by Sallie!

"I'd love to stay and chat but I really mustache (must dash)."

 Please excuse the lighting.. hoping this is my last party with our awful digital camera. :) Ashley made this adorable banner with scrapbooking paper and onesies with ties. (There will be a better picture later on, where you can see it clearly.)

 I bought plain cups and embellished them with mustache stickers. They look hilarious when you put them up to your mouth to drink. I ordered these fantastic paper straws from The Enchanted Frog.

 Tissue paper pom poms in our signature colors. Do you know how hard it is to find gray tissue paper??

Another fun sign I made for the welcome table.

I made a lot of these little cards.. HIMYM fans out there? At the end of most (if not all..) episodes of "How I Met Your Mother" they show one of Barney's "Bro Code" rules. So I picked 12 of the most appropriate ones and placed them about the party for people to have fun with. They were a hit! Very funny addition. (Ex. A Bro does not comparison shop., Bros do not share dessert., etc.)

Diaper Thoughts!

 I made a cute little printable with a baby on it for this one. I have a picture later of all the sayings our guests came up with!

 Of course we had to have a photo booth! I made a bunch of mustache and manly props. This was a huge part of why this party was so fun! I will share all the photo booth pictures in a separate post, this one's heavy as is! I just made sign from a little chalkboard. "Pick a prop-strike a pose"

These are the favor bags. Simple Party City bags with two mustache mugs and a hand sanitizer in them.

Simple Target mugs, made awesome by painting on a mustache. It was a couple's shower, so there were two in each bag.

I made little printables for the hand sanitizers (from Bath &Body Works) that said "We mustache (must ask) you to clean your hands before holding the Little Man!"

Get the idea?

Here, I made a little bunting of ties and mustaches. :) Easy, with coordinating fabrics from Hobby Lobby, backed with a little iron-on interfacing. Then I just cut out the ties. The mustaches are cut from that stiff felt you can buy at HobLob, as well. I strung them together with twine. I added hot glue for the mustaches.

More of the "Bro Code" cards. And beautiful flowers arranged by Sallie!

Start of the gift pile!

There's Sallie! Getting her spinach and artichoke dip ready!

Sallie did amazing with the food! Ordered Zoe's Kitchen's chicken salad (it was DE-Lish!)

A perfect fruit salad.

THE Cake! From Nothing Bundt Cakes. Thank you Ashley, for making this happen! It was red velvet, the Mom-to-be's favorite flavor. It was amazing. There were chocolate chips mixed in there. Oh wow.

Sallie also made this refreshing punch!

The spread! And check the next post for all the wonderful pics from the party (including photo booth pics!). There are some memorable ones! Click here to see {part 2}!


  1. Such a delightful afternoon! LOVED the theme, which was carried out through every single aspect of the party, from the front porch to the take home favors. So happy Jackie and Patrick have such loving, thoughtful friends--
    Thanks for including the old folks, too!

  2. This gave me some great ideas. Thanks for the post! By any chance do you still have the file for the hand sanitizer printout? I'd love to use it at my shower!

    1. Hi! I just combed through my files and I do not have it :( It was super simple on Word, though. I just typed it, centered, and left a line empty, and that mustache was actually a sticker. (I just bought every mustache sticker I could find.. Hobby Lobby, Target, etc.) Then I trimmed it to get it the right size and taped it on the sanitizer! It took a few trial runs in the printer, but it really was simple. Hope that can help you!


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