Thursday, June 5, 2014

Playtime and Teachable Moments

Sometimes when Brother Bear (Liam) is napping, Cohen and I use that as special play time. I feel guilty sometimes to both of them.. that I don't get to devote all of my time to Cohen anymore, and also, that Liam will probably not ever know what it's like to have me undivided. Such is life with multiple kiddos, I suppose! I just make sure to scoop them both up, as often as I can, and whisper how wonderful they each are, and exclaim how much I love them. If they remember only one thing later on, I want them to remember how I much I loved them. And know that they are treasured. Man, some days I just can't believe these two little souls were entrusted to me. It's overwhelming and encouraging, at the same time.

Coco goes through phases with his toys. Right now, he wants to build a train track everyday!

I gave him a few Skittles, he loved it! 

He wanted to draw a circle around his leg... I let him. You gotta let them be little sometimes, and he thought that would be cool. 

Coco: AKA Mosquito bait. :(

Then Cohen drew that on his easel. The one that looks kinda like an "x" is really a cross, kinda sideways. He said, "Look Mom! I drew Granna's church necklace!!" I said, "Yes you did!" 

Then I thought, you know what? I should tell him that it's really a cross and explain what that means! So I grabbed our Jesus Storybook Bible and turned to the story of Jesus' crucifixion. 

We read the story together and I showed him that this cross was like his drawing. He was pretty proud. I explained how Jesus died that day, with nails hammered in to his hands and feet (we acted this part out, a little) and that he did it so that we wouldn't be in trouble for our sins (mean actions and bad choices) forever. With wide eyes, he said "Ohhhh!" I said, "Jesus got rid of our sins for us, so that one day we could go to Heaven with him!" He looked up towards the sky and said, "Maybe we can build a rocket and fly to Heaven with Jesus!!" If only it were that simple, sweet boy. 

One day we will dance with Jesus in Heaven. What a day that will be!

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